Dr. Jim Cole is a psychologist and human relations consultant with a private practice in Washington State. He holds graduate degrees in both education and psychology and has over 20 years of experience in teaching at the university level. He is the author of seven books, two of which deal with prejudicial behavior. Each of his books on prejudicial behavior has a forward by a winner of
the Nobel Peace Prize. The forward to Filtering People was written by the Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the forward to Facing Our Future was written by His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

His workshops and presentations on reducing prejudice are in demand by organizations both private and public across the nation. When Jim Cole started to develop these materials he got strong support from those who have hired him to do workshops
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Understanding Prejudicial Behavior

Who Can Reduce Prejudicial Behavior

Reducing Prejudices within an Organization

Some Impacts of Prejudicial Behavior

Assessing Your Knowledge of Prejudices

Myths, FAQ, Alerts, ect.

Some Dynamics of Prejudicial Behavior

Assessing Your Own Prejudices

Our Connection to Others, the Earth and Future

Publications,Training Materials and Workshops

Reducing Your Prejudicial Behavior

Contacts and Credits