What are the reactions to these prejudice reduction tools and workshops?

"The workshop is among the most comprehensive available - a product of current research - the contexts are realistic -[it] provides ample materials for an ongoing series. Jim Cole is to be congratulated for the rich materials included in this multimedia program."

Dr. Herb Horikawa, Past President
Association of University and College Counseling Center Director

"This is a much needed training program-working to make a diference. Knowing Jim Cole personally, I know he walks the talk."

Gazella A. Summitt, Past President
American Association for Affirmative Action

"Beyond Prejudice gets right to the heart of our prejudices that permeate the whole of our society."

Sharon Ofuani, President
National Association of Public Sector Equal Opportunity Officers

"These materials get to the heart of the matter and provide a no nonsense approach which is powerful. This is prctical and useable stuff - looking at the dynamics of prejudicial bhavior."

Fred Soto, Trainer and Consultant
Washington, DC

[Jim]"you did a firt rate job on the Beyond Prejudice: Training Program...the most oustanding features, beside the explanation and commentary by you, is that you used "real people" to facilitate in the training. People who go through the trenches every day of their lives living positively in spite of the prejudice they encounter...the realness of their comments comes through much better than someone telling the examples without having lived them. Real people, in this instance, make a significant difference in the absorption of the content."

Clarence D. Brown, SPHR
Director of Personnel and EEO-AA
Bradley University


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