Facing Our Future

Some Reactions to Facing Our Future
"Jim Cole's Facing Our Future gently shows how to recognize the symptoms of denial and how to dissolve the walls of isolation that denial builds between us. This wise book, brilliantly illustrated by Tom Woodruff, will be a boon to grassroots organizers, workshop participants, and indeed to anyone . . . . . . struggling with the challenge of how to face the problems that threaten us all."
Mike Clark, President
Friends of the Earth

"Jim Cole's eloquent drawings and images tell us more vividly than words could what we can lose by denying the realities of the human predicament - and what we could gain by cooperation to overcome the problems."
Paul R. Ehrlich
Stanford University

"I rejoice in this book, and want to share with everyone - from school children to statesman -- in gladness and with a high heart."
Joanna Macy

"I thought it an inventive and creative way to raise consciousness."
Reah Janise Kauffman
Worldwatch Institute

"When I returned from space I was better informed, more aware, of the oneness, uniqueness, and fragility of Planet Earth. This, in turn, sharpened my sense that the future is threatening, even bleak - or worse. Cole's book deals constructively, frankly, and engagingly with the dilemma posed by my species to myself and to my planet."
Loren W. Acton
Challenger 8 Astronaut

"Facing Our Future will be especially useful for youth groups, service clubs, and others who seek to understand how denial of things that we fear about the future makes us feel powerless in the present."
Penelope Bragonier, Executive Director
Center for Psychological Studies in the Nuclear Age

"The simple truth and poignancy of the drawings and text gave me chills of recognition. . . .At times this book pierced me with the sharp clarity of its depiction of our daily tragedies. The truth can be bitter, but facing it is truly the most beautiful and joyous thing we can do."
Chuck Johnson, Executive Director
Nuclear Free America

Facing Our Future Together: A Trainer's GuideFacing Our Future Together–Dr. David McMurray
This training guide is to be used with the book Facing Our Future. The methods in this book have been developed and practiced for over ten years and used in many universities in California. The exercises in this book have been shown to help young people overcome hopelessness and feel more enpowerment while facing the realities of environmental devastation.

Some Reactions to the Training Provided in Facing Our Future Together
". . . Once people find that they are not alone, that they are not crazy, they begin to become friendlier and more willing to join effective problem solving activities in their own lives, and the life of the world."
Dr. David Thatcher
Department of Education
Sonoma State University

"This work opens the student-instrument to information, integration, creative thinking, shared understanding and a deep sense of belonging and connection with what is being learned. To me, it is not only a legitimate form of education but the full expression of the educational process."
Ron Doctor
Department of Psychology
California State University, Northridge


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