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Filtering People

An excellent tool for workshops, courses and personal reflection, Filtering People: Understanding and Confronting Our Prejudices gently and sympathetically helps us identify our prejudices, explore how and why we become prejudiced-and learn how we can begin to overcome our prejudices. Filtering People enriches our lives by helping us see each other as we are, in all our fascinating diversity. Filtering People has been used widely and avidly by people trying to understand, confront and change prejudices. Here is what some of them have to say:

"Filtering People vividly shows the ways insecurities breed stereotypes that dehumanize people and drive the racism that distorts so many lives today. It can be a useful tool to educate Americans-young and old-to the causes and dangers of prejudice."
-John E. Jacobs, Past President, National Urban League, Inc.

"Filtering People exposes the malaise of our society and the ways in which ageism, sexism and racism stereotype, stigmatize and dehumanize people on the basis or their difference. The author's deft, humorous approach is an important way to enlighten readers and eradicate prejudices."
-Maggie Kuhn, National Convenor, Gray Panthers

"The psychologists and sociologists bombard us with their statistics and their scholarly reports about the prejudice and discrimination. Now along come Jim Cole and Tom Woodruff with a picture book and a minimum number of words to get to the heart of the matter. Filtering People shows simply and clearly
where we get our misconceptions about people-and what those misconceptions can mean to American society."
-Abraham H. Foxman, National Director Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith

"Jim Cole goes to the root cause of human conflicts: the problem of prejudice. Once we eliminate prejudice (pre-judgement), we shall have eliminated all conflicts and wars. Filtering People is a simply written book, but highly educational and it will help the cause of national tranquility and peace."
-Mohammad T. Mehdi, President American-Arab Relations Committee

"Filtering People is a gem! Its unpretentious text and simple illustrations deftly lead the reader to new insights about how we use fears and "isms" to divide us. It pricks the pompous balloons of the armchair liberal as surely as those of the archconservative. Most important, it teaches simple, personal
steps that each of us can take to end bigotry."
-Paul C. Bayless, President American Association for Affirmative Action

"Filtering People is a quick, easy-to-read, walk-through tool for holding the mirror up to ourselves to see the way in which we create images of people-images often far removed from these people as they really are. After reading Mr. Cole's insightful book, you will find yourself continually revising your first impressions of individuals and of groups. Excellent as a teaching tool as well as for personal reflection."
-Jerome B. Ernst, Executive Director National Catholic Conference for Interracial Justice

"Filtering People is an important effort at consciousness raising. The non-threatening way it points out the absurdity and destructiveness of sexism, racism, and other types of prejudice will surely enhance the psychological health of its readers."
-Joan C. Chrisler, Ph.D., Spokesperson Association for Women in Psychology

"People with disablities, in most cases, would love to see an immediate change by society in prejudging their circumstances. ...your book creates an awareness element beneficial to all."
-Gerald Snyder, President National Association of the Physically Handicapped, Inc.

"The effort to overcome prejudice in society is a long-term one. This book uses a creative means for focusing the attention of the reader to their own prejudices and contributes to the struggle of all minority groups."
-Jeffrey Levi, Executive Director National Gay & Lesbian Task Force

To see some pages from Filtering People click here.

Filtering People Training Program
Filtering People is also available as a training program. The training program includes a video tape of Filtering People, a trainer's guide and the book Filtering People. The video includes
discussion questions and the Trainer's guide includes handouts that can be duplicated.

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