17. Sexism, racism, ageism, xenophobia, homophobia and the prejudices toward those with disabilities all have basically the same dynamics.

Additional information:

Prejudices are a group of dynamics that function to dehumanize people who are identifiably different in some way from the people whose perceptions are limited by the dysfunction we call prejudice. This approach is taken for two reasons. First, it is easily defensible through the understanding of the dynamics of prejudices; and second, the continued separation and classification of prejudices according to the superficial categories of those who are prejudiced is a disservice to those who are the targets of discrimination and a distortion of reality.

We have for too long focused upon the victims of prejudices as we have the victims of rape. It has been "their problem." To continue to write or talk about racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, xenophobia, and the ways disabled people and others are treated is counterproductive. The process of focusing upon the victims serves no purpose in the prevention or reduction of prejudices. That approach looks at the problem in sub-categories based upon those who are the targets of prejudice behavior and distracts from the understanding that all prejudices are fundamentally the same. It also distracts us from the understanding of the various dynamics which together are called prejudices.

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18. It could be argued that xenophobia motivates a major expenditure within the U.S. defense budget. When the defense budgets of all possible adversary nations are totaled and then doubled they are not yet equal to the defense spending of the United States.

Additional information:
If these were logical decision making processes, wouldnļt we expect the House to take more than 22 minutes to spend over 240 billion dollars? Our representatives spent almost 50% of the total U.S. budget in 22 minutes. If we simply look at the process alone it seems to be questionable. Our government is spending $8, 612.00 per second on defense.

Visit the home page for the Center for Defense Information

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19. When shopping for a new car white males are usually offered the best price.

Additional information:
Studying 90 new car dealers in the Chicago area and using 200Žtrained shoppers• who used the same methods of bargaining Ayer reported that the white men were able to get the same cars for $950.00 less than the Black women.

Ayer, Ian,ŽFair Driving: Gender and Race Discrimination in Retail Car Negotiations,• Harvard Law Review, February 1991

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20. It has been repeatedly shown that children feel more critical of themselves when they are in high school than when they are in elementary school. Using the statement:ŽI am happy the way I am• as an indicator of feelings of self-worth, white girls drop the lowest among the compared groups from elementary school to high school in feelings of self-worth.

Additional information:
The statement,ŽI am happy the way I am,• was agreed to by the following percentages of female students:

White girls ---- elementary school 55%--- high school 22%

Black girls ----- elementary school 65% ---high school 58%

Hispanic girls----elementary school 68% ---high school 30%

How Schools Shortchange Girls-The AAUW Report: A Study of Major Findings on Girls and Education

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