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Beyond Prejudice 1.5:
This program is massive. It has ten videotapes, two binders of printed material. It has a tremendous amount of flexibility. There are tapes that can simply be watched or put on reserve for students to watch and learn about the dynamics of prejudicial behavior. There are over 150 pages of handouts from which a trainer or instructor can select those that suit his or her needs. There are tapes that provide extensive descriptions of the Triad Model and tapes for teaching the process of the Triad Model.

Beyond Prejudice is an extensive and flexible multimedia program that teaches participants how to identify and alter prejudicial behavior. This unique approach provides the guidance and the structure for taking positive action against the prejudices that divide us.Beyond Prejudice helps by teaching participants:

• The multiple dynamics that result in prejudicial behavior
• Techniques to reduce prejudices within themselves
• Activities for reducing their own prejudicial tendencies
• Techniques for managing or discouraging prejudicial tendencies within others
• Activities to develop empathy with and appreciation for those from different cultural groups

Beyond Prejudice:
• Allows for and supports many types of programs varying in length, intensity and approach
• Can reduce tensions between people before they become visible to others
• Involves people in activities that have follow-ups and commitments
• Offers participants the most powerful methods of reducing subtle prejudicial behavior
• Grants the teacher or trainer a maximum of freedom and flexibility
• Continues to be expanded and will have updated materials available periodically
• Can be easily integrated with other materials or can stand alone as the only training materials
• Provides written materials to support discussions of many related issues which interact with prejudicial thinking, gender and socialization, parenting, assertiveness, management responsibilities, responsibility for social change, environmental issues, and teaching to name but a few.

Beyond Prejudice Teaching Tools:
This program is designed for those wanting to use the Triad Model, that has been found to be extremely powerful in reducing subtle prejudicial behavior and heightening sensitivity to cultural differences. This is a new program that has four training video tapes and a manual with handouts. None of these four tapes are meant to simply be watched. This program depends heavily upon the trainer and provides a wealth of simulating material in the form of video vignettes. There is no academic, scholastic or theoretical information on these tapes. Everything on these tapes is for exploring personal reactions to difference and skill development. Everything academic, scholastic or theoretical is in the manual to support the trainer.

Filtering People Training Program Based upon the book Filtering People this program uses the cartoon like drawing of Tom Woodruff to explore the feelings about developing and overcoming prejudicial behavior. The material is presented with discussion questions and numerous suggested activities.

What is in this training package?
• One video tape that looks at the nature of diversity and the need for change
• One video tape that examines dynamics of intentional and unintentional prejudicial behavior
• One video tape that presents over twenty things that individuals can do to reduce their own tendencies to behave out of stereotyped beliefs.
• One video tape that presents options that organizations can take to reduce prejudices and discusses the responsibilities for change
• Two video tapes that define, explain, and demonstrate the triad model of prejudice reduction
• Approximately 150 pages of handouts that can be copied for training and instructional uses.
• Approximately 80 pages of masters for transparencies that can be used for instructional purposes.
• Two binders full of handouts and transparencies. A 1.5 inch binder full of training materials and a 2 inch binder full of handouts, and transparency masters that can be duplicated.
• A trainer's guide for planning workshops and using the program materials
• Direct on-line consulting with Dr. Jim Cole while planning your training program.
In addition, as this program is expanded each owner of the current program will receive notices and special reduced prices on the updates and additional training activities.

What is the basis of this training?
For many years Dr. Paul Pedersen has dedicated his professional career to increasing the ability of counselors to work more effectively with clients who are culturally different than themselves. His work has been more than fruitful. He has developed methods that have been shown to improve the client counselor relationship in many important ways. When counselors were trained (for only 4 hours) using these methods, the clients saw the counselors as more trustworthy, more empathetic, more attractive, and as having more unconditional regard. The clients also saw the counselors as being more expert, expressed more satisfaction with the counseling and came for more sessions with counselors who had the training with the Triad Model.*

Now Dr. Jim Cole has adapted Dr. Paul Pedersen's Triad Model for training with non counselors in the video based training program Beyond Prejudice.

And what does Dr. Paul Pedersen have to say about this use of his ideas?

"I have seen the videos that adapts the work of the Triad Model and it seems like an
exciting adaptation . . ."
Dr. Paul Pedersen
Syracuse University

*Wade, Priscilla & Bernstein, Bianca "Culture Sensitivity Training and Counselor's Race: Effects on Black Female Clients' Perceptions and Attrition", Journal of Counseling Psychology-1991 Vol. 38 #1 pages 9-15

Attached are some of the early reviews to the Beyond Prejudice Training Materials.

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